Restore your health. Regain your youth.

Only at Clinic Rui, Your 360 Healthy Ageing Partner.

If you have one of the following:
😔 high blood pressure or cholesterol
😔 weight issues and unhealthy diet
😔 excessive alcohol use or smoking
You are most likely experiencing
😔 low energy
😔 breathlessness
😔 aches and pains

…these are signs that your body is calling for help.
Protect yourself from surprising and painful medical bills.
Start with prevention before things get worse.

Sign up for health screening:
Blood Test & Body Composition Analysis

Bring ONE more person with you to claim a *FREE health screening and medical consultation. You’re just a simple step away from better health and a better life.

    *FREE for ages 30 and above only

    See this man in the photo?
    He’s 48 years old.

    And yes, he is the founder of Clinic Rui.

    Ten years ago, our founder Patrick was a much different person. Tired, unhappy and constantly in pain, he decided to make changes in his life.

    That’s when he discovered the reverse ageing power of biohacking. He started to do his research by working with medical doctors and wellness experts. He used himself as a live experiment to see how he could change the physiology and chemistry of his body through lifestyle changes and medically-proven treatments.

    Currently 48 (I know, can you believe it?!), Patrick is a living testament of how incremental lifestyle changes and integrative medicine can make significant improvements in health and well-being.

    Today, Patrick aims to help as many Malaysians as possible to upgrade their brain and body through 360 VITALISE, an anti-ageing programme that helps people uplift their vitality from the inside out. More than 200 clients have completed the programme, and this is just the beginning.

    Your journey to youthfulness begins here.

    Clinic Rui provides a FREE health screening + medical consultation for you to begin your healing journey.
    Here’s what you’re getting for FREE when you sign up with one other person:

    Full Blood Examination

    (worth RM150)

    Our blood holds many indicators of our overall health. This is an important preventive step to learn about your health status.

    Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

    (worth RM50)

    Measuring your body composition will tell you your own body’s unique makeup and help you identify areas to work on to improve your overall health and wellness.

     Medical Consultation

    (worth RM100)

    Have all your test reports analysed so that you can make the best decisions to restore your health and help you take one step closer to achieving your realistic health goals.

    “I’m no longer diabetic and my fatty liver is restored!”

    “Due to years of smoking and drinking, I was at a high risk of heart attacks. So I decided to have a health screening with Clinic Rui in January.

    In less than 5 months of treatment and consultations with Clinic Rui, my cholesterol levels are back to normal! My blood sugar level has returned to normal range, and my fatty liver is restored!”

    ~ Mr Lim Kian Seng (43)

    “My mom can now breathe normally, and she feels much more alert & energetic.”

    “At 80 years old, my mom used to have breathing difficulties. She frequently gasped for air. And since her hip injury prevented her from exercising, her heart attack risk was increasing day by day.

    With Clinic Rui’s help, my mom’s breathing eventually returned to normal! When I saw these improvements, I went for the treatment myself too! Now both my mom and I feel a lot more alert and energetic in our daily lives. 

    I wish more people knew about these non-invasive alternatives instead of instantly turning to medication and surgeries.”

    ~ Ms Kerry (52) & her mom, Mdm Tan (80)

    “My cholesterol, inflammation, and liver profiles are back to normal!”

    “I was aware of my high risk of heart disease. I saw how unhealthy my cholesterol, inflammation, and liver profiles were. So I decided to take action by signing up for Clinic Rui’s programme.

    Because of this treatment, I’m happy to share that all my levels have gone back to normal! Plus… I lost 8 kgs without any strenuous exercise or crash dieting!

    I feel so much younger and more energetic now.”

    ~ Mr Zulkifli (56)

    Want some of that youthfulness?

    Restore your body’s health & youthfulness with a FREE health screening & medical consultation at Clinic Rui!

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